Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby baby baby ooooh.

I guess we are now (well have been since may 1st) Hayman party of FOUR! Dalton William was born and has been a bundle of snuggles and some nice chunky thighs to pinch on. Karson has adjusted a lot better than I thought he would. Probably because he was still so young when we had him. (Woohoo for a newborn with a 20 month old) but he is an awesome big brother and helps grab diapers and gives lots of kisses. Some of which are karson going to head butt him and me seeing so turning it into a kiss. Sweet kid. Oh also I got the iPhone. So I take too many pictures all day everyday of my boys. Trying to get back on the blog train but as I said, I am party of four now and sometimes the blog gets left behind. I will put up pictures of Dalton & Karson soon though!

Friday, April 20, 2012


So this year we had an incredible Easter weekend. Karson is out of control spoiled. It is a bit ridiculous and I don't think these people know how high they've set the bar for holidays for this child. I mean he opened SIX Easter baskets. (yeah I was super stoked and am still eating candy) But he is one lucky little one in a half year old. Okay so on Saturday we went to Danny's parents for an egg hunt. They just redid their backyard with a huge garden and grassy area it is so nice. All of Dannys sibilings came out with their kids for the event. Danny's niece, she's a bit older than him, has a daughter who just turned two earlier this year and her and Karson played and played and played! She is seriously adorable her name is Kylie and she's the little blondie in the pictures. 

 This little water thing won the kids hearts. Think I might have to buy one for home.
Cutie Kylie girl!
 Oh grandma also bought a sandbox for the event as well! Nothing but the best.
 So I'm super proud of myself because I made that shirt. Yes I only had to iron on the stuff but still.

 aww love you so much mom!
 Just helpin grandma and grandpa out with the gardening..

Easter Day:
So that was Saturday. The next day being actual Easter we were invited to go down to a brunch at Dannys Aunts clubhouse place. Let's just say Shady Canyon did not disappoint. I knew it was going to be nice because those homes are very nice and it was a 'no jean' policy and all that jazz. So we pull up to the clubhouse, because everyone was already there (surprise we were late) and there were guys out front in suits so we asked them oh wheres this clubhouse brunch thing. They informed us that we were in front of it and that there is complimentary valet parking. Welp okay awesome! Then we walk in past ice sculptures, beautiful flower arrangements, wait are we crashing someones wedding? Nope a man in a suit asks which party we are with and then tells us a hostess will escort us to our party in a moment. We walk out following this girl to our family and these people have huge white tents set up with beautiful place settings, seriously it looked like a wedding. It was beautiful and I want to live there. 

My handsome Easter boy!

                                  Tanner baby! So cute this is Dannys cousins son. So adorable.

 Karson with his 'squirt' balloon. They had someone walking around making balloon animals. So cute.
 Oh there was also a petting zoo and bounce houses for the kids!
 There was a WHOLE dessert room. And to the right of that was a man playing the piano of course.
 The dessert room was circular and there was something for everyone. And a lot of somethings for me.
 Then they shuttled us over in golf carts to the egg hunt. So many kids.

 The actual Easter bunny made an appearance and also a man juggling on stilts.

What a day. As you can tell it was incredible to say the least. Best part is Dannys cousins have kids around Karsons age so it's always fun to see them too. A huge thank you to Aunt Terri for inviting us to be a part of their Easter! Same time next year? Perfect.

April Sixth

Just kind of realizing what a loner I look like in this picture.. well I guess that piece of cheesecake was great company. So my birthday was an awesome one. Considering I'm now 9 months pregnant and don't feel like doing much of anything I had an amazing day. It consisted of good food, a nice little nap, and a bit of shopping. Also if you couldn't tell by the picture The Cheesecake Factory with just me and my love. Always nice to have a little date night. Thanks to the Grandparents for always being there to babysit! The end result is I'm now 23 and April 6th continues to be one of my favorite days of the year,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home Stretch

36 weeks down, 4 weeks to go. Til my hands are full.
I want to write down all my cravings so I can remember them so you probably don't care and will really judge me of my definite 'over 100 calorie' snacks but I don't eat everything I crave.. everyday. I'll play the prego card. But really what the hell of course I'm not the person that's like 'oh gosh it's so weird I only crave carrots and celery'. Oh well I'm young so I should bounce back quick right? Though I had a year in between getting prego from being prego with Kars and I never 'bounced'. Maybe a part of bouncing would actually be exercise and eating right? Gotta try that shiz.. But anyways I can't be Miss California because I'm already married. (only thing holding me back from wearing that crown)

-Chocolate Donuts
-Oreo Cakesters
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Almost all cookies
-Almost all chocolate
-Ice (this only developed recently)
-Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
-Cracklin Oat Bran cereal
-Peanut Butter crackers
-Half Baked, Ben & Jerrys ice cream
-PB&J Bagels
-Chicfila Chicken Sandwich, wheat bun, no pickles, add american cheese (in case you feel like dropping it by)
-sliced bananas not just eating it from the peel, weird
-strawberries from the farmers market that are SO sweet
-garlic pita chips with this salsa like hummus
-peanut M&Ms
-chocolate covered pretzels
-strawberry lemonade
-cupcakes, devils food with cream cheese frosting, funfetti
-sugary strips from the Sweet Factory
-anything from The Cheesecake Factory
-sauteed portabella mushrooms
-Texas Roadhouse rolls
-Nutella Crepes filled with bananas and strawberries
-Submarina Squaw Roll bread

Basically just sweets. And an abundance of calorie filled crap. But are those weird cravings? No, I love all of that stuff regularly.. I just think about them more in my recent ginormous state. Let's face it, I ain't getting any thinner at this point. I read that the baby from this point on puts an ounce on a day. I mean I just want to make sure my baby is a healthy weight right? I'm digging my own grave, I know this. I did the same thing with Karson. Ate like a complete cow, became a cow, then had a baby calf. Let's see if this boy tops 9 pounds 7 ounces. Have myself a little farm.

On Tuesday I have a doctors appointment to check to see if I'm dilated to anything. I remember going through this with Karson and each time there was nada so I don't have my hopes up. Besides people have been dilated to a 3 and walked around for four more weeks with no labor. Do I really want to have this baby early? Heck yeah I'm over being a planet and not being able to sleep because I'm so uncomfortable. Acid reflex will leave and so will my sciatic nerve. But guess what Jana, it doesn't matter what you want! The baby comes when the baby comes and you just enjoy all your chocolate and sweets. Oh okay thanks Jana!

And also my birthday is on Friday! I'll be 23. Sounds old kinda. But I guess still young to be married and have 2 kids. Then there's an Easter Egg Hunt at my in-laws on Saturday. Then Sunday is actually Easter and we're going down to Danny's Aunts for an Easter party. Petting zoo, egg hunt, food, family and fun. Ah oh my gosh then the next week is Courtney's Bridal Shower I'm throwing. Looks like I'll have a lot to blog about in the month of April.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So instagram is ruining my blogging. I think to myself hm I should blog about this little outing then I think or I could just upload it to instagram and write a quick thing about it and there goes that post. So the picture that I posted I did instagram and now it is on my blog. So sorry if you creep on both and you're like wth Jana I want new pictures. It is because my dear friend Rachael is out of the country but she needed to see this picture of Karson because she bought him this shirt! From American Apparel when he was still in the womb I believe? Well anyways it finally fits and he looked so adorable at Rosas, yum Taco Tuesday. We go to Taco Tuesday everyyyy Tuesday with Marks (my biological father) girlfriend Tracy, also known as 'Gracie' to Kars. Love her and the chicken soft tacos!

Anyways missing you Rach and can't wait til you're back home. 4 weeks and 5 days til my due date and you'll be home shortly after :)

On another note everyone else keeping up with my blog follow me on instagram because I am not one of those annoying people that puts every single one on facebook. But I am the annoying one that really only posts pictures of her son and food. So it's your call.
Instagram: janabananagrams

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gettin Hot In Hurr

Due to all my extra blood running through my veins, I am hot. I know what you're thinking. Jana you're the hottest person I know. Well though that is still true I am temperature hot as well now. It's super annoying to be uncomfortable temperature wise but at least it is not summer or else I might be dying. It is just fake summer out here in California. The pool has been heating since yesterday and we're having a BBQ this after noon onward through the night! I am super excited to take Karson for a swim because that kid loves the bath and always wants to be in water. The BBQ is in honor of my twin cousins who both just got home from Australia serving their missions. So thanks for being RMs so we can part-ayyyy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


We went to the Birch/Scripps/UCSD Aquarium today! Karson was SO happy to see all the fish. He ran up and down looking in all the tanks, screaming with joy. Daddy was sent there for a biology assignment and so we made a day out of it. It was such a beautiful day out, I could for reals get use to La Jolla weather. So hopefully when Danny transfers we'll get into UCSD because I really enjoy it. Let's all cross our fingers!