Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby baby baby ooooh.

I guess we are now (well have been since may 1st) Hayman party of FOUR! Dalton William was born and has been a bundle of snuggles and some nice chunky thighs to pinch on. Karson has adjusted a lot better than I thought he would. Probably because he was still so young when we had him. (Woohoo for a newborn with a 20 month old) but he is an awesome big brother and helps grab diapers and gives lots of kisses. Some of which are karson going to head butt him and me seeing so turning it into a kiss. Sweet kid. Oh also I got the iPhone. So I take too many pictures all day everyday of my boys. Trying to get back on the blog train but as I said, I am party of four now and sometimes the blog gets left behind. I will put up pictures of Dalton & Karson soon though!

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